Galloping Horse Makers began as a Facebook page for the sharing of projects of two crafter/makers. Lisa and Lindi are long-time crafters who worked in the library of a K-12 independent school in Seattle, Washington. When the Maker Movement was in its infancy, they decided to incorporate it into the library program. Students, many of whom had not had the opportunity to learn either traditional or 21st century crafting/making, took to it with great enthusiasm. When Lisa left the school, she decided to continue to teach making and crafting to children and adults. 

Consider this quote from The Hand, by Frank R. Wilson, “How does, or should, the education system accommodate the fact that the hand is not merely a metaphor or an icon for humanness, but often the real-life focal point— the lever or the launching pad— of a successful and genuinely fulfilling life?” There is much anecdotal evidence from our years of crafting with students that making things with their own hands is a powerful creative experience for children. It boosts confidence and creates situations in which they see themselves as successful learners. 

Mobile crafting workshops are an idea whose time has come. We have developed projects that can be completed in 1-2 hours, so that you leave with something wearable or usable— no unfinished projects that get stuffed into a drawer and abandoned. All projects involve some kind of stitching or other handwork skill that can be practiced and built upon. Workshop participants can continue on their own, or may opt for a series of skill-building lessons from us.